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A Vita Garden Room Checklist

A Vita Garden Room Checklist

Prior to purchasing a Vita garden room, it is useful to know the answers to the following questions so that you get your desired product!
1)     Location

Deciding where to put your pod is one of the first things to contemplate. You may want the pod at the end of the garden or adjacent to your home. The size of your garden will play a part in where the pod is positioned but ensure to have a think! Additionally, you should consider which way it is facing according to where the sun shines throughout the day.

 2)     Use 

Secondly, you ought to decide what your garden pod will be used for. For example, will it be an office, a relaxing room, a gym, a dining space, and so on. You could use as an office but place a sofa and coffee table, making it a multi-use space. 

3)     Size

In knowing what you are utilising the space for, you will have more of an idea regarding the size. A pod may need to be bigger if you are planning to use the area for dining with friends and family. Alternatively, it does not need to be so spacious if it is for one person in an office or a couple sharing a relaxing room. 

3)     Décor and furnishing 

Furniture is a great way to personalise your space and provide style and character. It can be used to store away files in your office or to display reading books in a living room! Adding in furnished pieces could also break up the room and create dimension. 

4)     Light 

The number of windows and doors you decide to have in your garden room is entirely up to you and what you prefer. Windows and doors provide lots of light and the opportunity for ventilation and air circulation. This is something to give thought to, especially if you are planning to spend a considerate amount of time in your pod.