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5 Reasons to Work from Home

5 Reasons to Work from Home

Our VITA Modular Garden Rooms are a work-from-home essential… 

1)    No Distractions

As homeworking is on the increase, a Vita garden room could be somewhere for you to focus on work primarily, without any home-life distractions. The separation between home and work is necessary to prevent the two from crossing over, thus having this garden room is essential!


2)    Eco-Friendly

Having an office in the garden is an eco-friendly option for the environment because it reduces the emissions and the carbon footprint as there is no longer a commute! Research shows that CO2 levels could decrease by up to 127 million tonnes by 2025 if we continue to reduce commuting. This is a significant change we could make to our planet and is something everybody should have a think about.


3)    Flexible Working

Having no commute should allow for more quality time to spend with family. More of your spare time can also be spent relaxing and looking after you, positively impacting your mental health. Flexible working additionally means that you can work around your lifestyle. For example, if your job allows, you could work longer into the night if that suits you better or conversely, get up earlier and finish your working day in the early afternoon.


4)    A Space to Think

Having an office away from potential disruptions will grant access for creativity and provide space to think. Having peace and quiet in a room to yourself will help you to produce abetter output of work and achieve your goals efficiently.


5)    Adds Value

Furthermore, a Vita garden room will add professionalism to your outside space, as opposed to having an office room in the spare bedroom of your home. Moreover, it will add value to your property.