Adding Value To Your Home With A Garden Room

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Adding Value To Your Home With A Garden Room

Adding Value To Your Home With A Garden Room

Add Value

There are many ways in which you can amplify the appeal of your home, but there are some home improvements that will see you significantly reap the rewards more than others.

More specifically when taking on a large garden room project, it is worth doing your research to find out whether it will increase your home’s worth when it comes to selling, and more importantly, weigh up your return on investment.

If your intention is to make the most of your spend, it’s safe to say that creating additional living space is nearly always going to add value to your property - particularly in areas such as London, where space is at such a premium. However, extending your home is no longer limited to your typical loft conversion, or kitchen extension. 

Garden Rooms

If you have garden space, this provides you with great potential for home improvement, and the rise in popularity of modular garden buildings means that homeowners can now create fully functional garden living spaces that are usable all year round. 

How Much Value

Adding a garden room to your property can have great benefits for not only the aesthetics and function of your home, but it’s worth on the property market.

According to property experts at We Buy Any House, a garden room added to your property can add up to 5% value - and the added value would essentially be 1.5x of the cost of the building - depending on the cost of installation and quality of the build.

A garden space is a cost effective and unique way that can add appeal to your home; as they allow you to add extra space to your home without the typical hassle and disruption of a usual home extension - whilst offering additional privacy.

“We are a Quick Sale Estate Agent that sells property all over the UK. We are well  placed to notice changes in the market as well as the wants and needs of buyers. We  have seen the demand for garden rooms increase exponentially, especially over the  last 2 years with working from home becoming the norm. 

“As space in the home increasingly comes at a premium, homeowners are looking to  their unused outside spaces to add value while also extending the usable inside  footprint of their homes. 

“As property prices increase, buyers want to feel they are getting value for money.  Freeing up unused space in the home is a great way of adding extra value."

“We can only recommend property owners make the most of the space they have and  invest in a stylish garden room” 

Value Added

We spoke to Edward Medd, Co-Founder of bespoke modular buildings specialist Vita Modular, who uses his expertise to share advice for adding value to your home with a garden room:

Creating Additional Living Space

In the past, homeowners looking to extend their living or leisure space with a garden building were generally faced with very little choice but to opt for timber shed style structures, which are simply not practical for use in colder months.

Modular garden buildings however, offer an innovative solution for those seeking to add value to their home with extra living space that can be used even in the depths of winter. 

A truly multi-purpose space, garden rooms can be tailor made to your requirements to create a dedicated office space, a home gym, cinema room, play area, music studio or an additional storage space. Not to mention a quiet space for you to relax away from the main house.

With a permanent shift to home working for many, there is a growing demand for homes with garden offices and having this dedicated space is going to go a long way to setting your home apart in an increasingly competitive housing market.

In addition, a big benefit of this type of home improvement is that planning permission is not normally required, as modular garden buildings tend to fall under permitted development. Most houses, even in conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), have permitted development rights. 


There are additional factors to take into consideration, when choosing your garden room to maximise your asset such as:

Building Regulations

For a space that can be used and enjoyed all year round, you will want to ensure your garden room has been designed to meet current UK building regulations to help benefit from the same energy performance criteria, of any modern new build home. 

Key Feature

Securing your investment is essential. If your garden building is built with non-combustible materials and fire-rated to UK domestic standards, most UK insurers accept this as an extension to a homeowner policy, which means you can rest assured knowing any valuables stored within, are safe.

Desirable Features

With the right set up, a garden room can be completely self-contained. You will want connection to an existing power supply, and full internal electric wiring and components. 

Essential Feature

For optimal temperature control in the colder months, I would suggest incorporating heating solutions. You can easily have a panel heater fitted, but if you are looking to optimise your space as much as possible, electric underfloor heating would prove a better option for you.

Adding That Wow Factor

For extra space to enjoy in the warmer weather, consider the addition of a front deck to your garden building for an outside seating area. A lot of our customers actually opt for bi-folding doors, which act as an open-air extension to their internal space.

Adding a front deck is also an opportunity to architecturally enhance your building to your own unique style and imagination, from decorative balustrades to contained planting and footlights. 


There is no doubt that adding very desirable features to your property such as a high quality garden room, increases property value and attracts potential buyers.

Speak to estate agents to get an idea of property prices in your area (with and without garden rooms), for professional advice and to discuss the significant value a garden office could add to your house price.

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