What Is A Garden Room

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What Is A Garden Room

What Is A Garden Room

A garden room is a modular structure that can be added to your home to create additional living space.

Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to extend their homes and add value without the hassle and expense of a traditional extension that may need planning permission.

Garden Building

Garden rooms are relatively quick and easy to install, meaning you can enjoy your new living space in no time.

They are also much more cost-effective than traditional extensions, making them a great option if you're working to a tight budget.

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are also highly versatile. They can be used as some of the following to name a few:

  • An extra bedroom
  • Extra living space
  • Art Studio
  • Games room
  • Home office / Garden office
  • Space to entertain friends and family
  • Child's playroom
  • Hobby room
  • Home gym
  • Storage room for garden materials
  • Or simply, a place to relax and enjoy your garden

Whatever you choose to use your garden room for, you can be sure it will add value to your home and provide you with additional space to enjoy.

Garden rooms are a great way to add extra living space to your home. If you're looking for a way to extend your home without the hassle and expense of a traditional extension, a garden room is the perfect solution.


Whether you are looking to install a garden room to create extra space or looking to add outdoor space that adds to your garden's outstanding natural beauty, there are features that can enhance your garden room experience.

Some of the features you can look for and add when purchasing a garden room include:

  • Energy efficient heating and cooling options
  • Double glazed windows for a quieter environment
  • Fully insulated walls and ceilings to prevent heat loss
  • Attractive, low-maintenance exterior finishes such as cedar shingles
  • Low-E glass to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer
  • Ventilation to keep the room fresh and comfortable
  • Doors that open wide to let in natural light and fresh air
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows to enjoy garden views
  • Skylights to let in natural light
  • Fully equipped kitchen and bathroom
  • Garden room furnishings to suit your needs

Planning Permission

When it comes to building regulations and planning permission for your new garden buildings, garden rooms typically fall under permitted development which means no planning permission is required. All of our garden rooms are built to meet all current building regulations.

Should your garden room require planning permission we can handle this for you meaning there's no need for you to worry about any additional red tape or paperwork!


If you are looking for a garden room to create the perfect outdoor living space or a garden studio to pursue your hobbies, Vita Modular offers high quality, building regulation compliant fully insulated garden rooms that are perfect to use all year round.

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Vita Modular is the leading supplier of modular garden rooms and garden studios in the UK, so if you're considering adding a garden room to your home that does not require planning consent, get in touch with us today.

Our professional and knowledgeable team are ready to help you find the perfect garden room to suit your needs, and will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new space is exactly what you dreamed it would be.